Fantasy football is a competition between fans in the same league who choose professional players in a draft format. The athletes then play each week in their normal games and fans are awarded points in correlation on how successful specific players are. This simple model of sports fantasy has become a sensation among American adults, teens and more!

Here are 5 reasons why fantasy has become incredibly successful:

  1. Fantasy football creates meaning to previously worthless football games. For example, a fan previously may have watched only a few popular games on the weekend, along with the primetime Thursday and Monday games. Now, sports watchers are inclined to constantly track full games to see how their individual players are doing even if the game is between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns. From a marketing perspective, this is absolutely brilliant.

2. Fantasy can make a TON of money. The games are professionally betted on in Las Vegas, yielding insane profit if done correctly. That being said, the average player can make profit too by pooling together small money with friends and giving the winner $50-$100. However, even if no money is involved, the bragging rights from fantasy last a lifetime!

3. The game creates a rivalry between friends and family. In the beginning of the season, draft parties (groups of people coming together to pick their respective teams) are common. This enhances the positive vibes surrounding football and creates passion for all games.

4. Another genius part about fantasy football is its app. The app is a perfect way for fans to keep in touch with games on the go, while additionally receiving real-time updates on how their team is playing. Most importantly, the app is constantly being altered to better service customers. It is a supplement for consumers to use in a growing technological society.

5. Fantasy football has resulted in extraordinary attention outside of the football games as well. A SportsCenter special of fantasy football discussion for 28 straight hours just completed and football analysts are currently specializing in fantasy. Fantasy has transferred from an online game into a real life application in the form of jobs and media attention.



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