This is a perfect time to discuss the teams in Major League Baseball as no other professional sports are truly prominent at this time. Basketball, hockey and football are all in their respective off-seasons, leaving Wimbledon tennis and USA soccer as the only options for avid sports watchers to see. In other words, this is baseball’s time to shine. Aaron Judge just finished off a monster event in the Home run Derby, the trade deadline nears, and the races between teams are tightening for the playoffs. This brings me to the question all baseball fans should be asking; who will be on TV when the playoffs start in September?

Here are my postseason projected matchups in both the American and National Leagues:

American League

#1 Houston Astros vs #4 Texas Rangers- The Rangers are a bit of a bold choice down the stretch, though considering their consistent playoff pedigree and veteran talent, it would not be a huge surprise to see Texas win the wildcard game and face their divisional rival, the Astros. Speaking of the Astros, it is no shock that they are here with a bucket-full of talent ranging from George Springer and José Altuve to Carlos Correa and Dallas Keuchel.

#2 Boston Red Sox vs #3 Cleveland Indians- The continued emergence of the Indians has been a great sight to watch since last year. Their division of the Twins and Royals behind them in the standings will create meaning and a relatively difficult finish for Cleveland, but I do project the Indians to finish out on top. The Red Sox on the other hand slipped a little before the all-star break, though it is a massive mistake to bet against Boston receiving this #2 seed. With Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel, the pitching staff is looking solid moving forward into the latter stages of the season. Lastly, the Sox will be more than happy to get revenge on the Indians from last season’s drama.

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs #4 Colorado Rockies- With a 3-7 record from the Diamondbacks over the last 10 games, this is a perfect time for Colorado to swing past Arizona for the second place in the stacked NL West. Most likely, those two teams will face each other in the wild card game; I predict the Rockies to come out a victor due to one player, Charlie Blackmon. Meanwhile a very tall task would remain for Colorado if they do advance, as they would face Clayton Kershaw’s Dodgers. Los Angeles has been almost unstoppable this year and that does not seem to be a pattern that will end any time soon.

#2 Washington Nationals vs #3 Chicago Cubs- What? Why the Cubs? After ending the drought in 2016, the Cubs have gotten out to quite the rocky start this year, but I expect the team to greatly clean up down the stretch and beat out an extremely solid Milwaukee Brewers squad. It will be hard, but not many people trusted Chicago last year and that seemed out to be a bad mistake. Also, Theo Epstein as a general manager is a help and positive sign for the Cubs to turn 2017 around. On the other hand, the Nationals are in a perfect place with a large lead over the Atlanta Braves for the NL Central. Max Scherzer is debatably playing the best baseball that he has ever played and Bryce Harper is an absolute machine at both the plate and in the field.

Some of my predictions are gutsy, but surprises are what makes sports so fun. Each game and series has playoff implications, so turn on the TV at night and check out some baseball games because the postseason is approaching and the drama starts NOW!



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