General Manager Danny Ainge took his fans on a rollercoaster ride through the offseason, but gave Celtics’ fans a moment to breathe when forward Gordon Hayward chose Boston and signed to a 4 year, 128 million dollar contract.

Let’s discover 6 major impacts of the Hayward signing:

  1. The former Utah Jazz player finally gives Boston a desperately needed “Big 3” that the team was searching for last year. With the combined efforts of point guard Isaiah Thomas and center Al Horford, the Celtics can emerge as a strong contender to win the East and possibly make a deep championship run.
  2. Hayward leaves the West at a perfect time, giving both the conference that already includes the Rockets, Warriors and Thunder less of a threat from Utah. At the same Gordon Hayward is able to emerge as a star in the East and play for a team that legitimately has a shot to win.
  3. The Celtics new player fills a huge void in terms of on court play. Even after drafting Jayson Tatum to play small forward, the Celtics were still missing another forward until now. The team no longer has to rely on Kelly Olynyk, who is currently an unrestricted free agent; this opens up room to sign another player.
  4. The Butler bond returns with the reconnect between Hayward and Boston coach Brad Stevens. This motivation enticed Hayward to come to Boston with the hopes of finishing off what had been started in college and winning an NBA championship.
  5. The signing is an incredible “win” for Ainge and the Celtics, however the question now relies on cap and space. With the huge contract the team owes to Hayward, Boston will most likely give up some combination of Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart, in the form of trading, to clear salary cap room. All together, the Celtics made a positive move to receive Hayward, but did not necessarily logistically discover his contract situation quite yet.
  6. Rumors have been floating around about a possible signing between the Celtics and center Marc Gasol. If the Celtics are not done, the Gasol move would be a huge plus in the rebounding category. The current Celtics’ starters struggle in that category including Gordon Hayward. Just when the Celtics appeared to make one big move…it is impossible to know when Boston is finished.

The Boston Celtics made large progress this free agency with Gordon Hayward’s signing, but the deal can only be justified on the court. Will Thomas, Horford and Hayward mesh? What about the combination between the new star and rookie Jayson Tatum? Only time can tell, but for now, Boston fans can relax and enjoy Gordon Hayward.



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