The question still lingers out there…does the regular season prepare teams for a grueling run at a title, known as the postseason?

Let’s break it down:

Regular Season impacts playoffs

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  • Seeding- As evident in March Madness, being a #1 seed vs a #2 seed can be the difference between statistical chances of success
  • Opponent- Most likely, when a higher seed, a better draw against a lesser opponent is given
  • Confidence- A better seed receives recognition from fellow teammates and the media giving the team confidence and belief that they can be win a championship

Regular Season does NOT impact playoffs

  • Unpredictability- Anything can happen in the playoffs. The sports world has seen crazy things, specifically when the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup after being the lowest seed going into the playoffs

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  • Atmosphere- A playoff atmosphere is completely different than that of normal gameplay. The crowd and home-field/home-court advantage plays a significant role by boosting the moral of one team
  • Championships- Success is mainly determined by championships and the ability to win. A team could be the best seed but still fall short in the title game


So does it have an affect? It is something to think about when currently watching the NHL and NBA playoffs.







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