Super Bowl 51 is here! The Atlanta Falcons are squaring off with the New England Patriots!

Here are the skill position breakdowns of this matchup:


Atlanta- Matt Ryan

  • 2016-2017 Regular Season MVP
  • 1st ever Super Bowl
  • 730 postseason passing yards
  • Best Total QB Rating in the regular AND postseason
  • No postseason interceptions

New England- Tom Brady

  • 4 time Super Bowl champion
  • 7th career Super Bowl
  • Averages 336 yards/game in the postseason

Edge: Equal

Running Backs

Atlanta- Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman

  • 87 yards in postseason (Freeman)
  • 3.9 yards/attempt in postseason (Coleman)

New England- Dion Lewis and LeGarrette Blount

  • 3 touchdowns vs Houston (Lewis)
  • 7 postseason first downs (Blount)

Edge: Atlanta

Wide Receivers

Atlanta- Julio Jones and Muhamed Sanu

  • 3 touchdowns in the postseason (Jones)
  • 73 yard touchdown in the postseason (Jones)
  • 96 postseason yards (Sanu)

New England- Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan

  • 2nd best postseason 275 total yards (Hogan)
  • League leading 21.2 yards/catch in the postseason (Hogan)
  • 255 postseason yards (Edelman)

Edge: Equal

Top Cornerback

Atlanta- Robert Alford

  • 10 combined postseason tackles
  • 3 postseason passes defended

New England- Malcom Butler

  • Game winning interception in Super Bowl 49
  • Held Antonio Brown to only 77 yards in the conference championship

Edge: New England

Top Safety

Atlanta- Keanu Neal

  • 17 combined postseason tackles
  • 5 regular season forced fumbles

New England- Patrick Chung

  • 12 combined postseason tackles
  • 9 postseason tackle assists

Edge: Atlanta

Kickoff Specialist

Atlanta- Eric Weems

  • 41 total postseason kick return yards
  • Postseason average 20.5 yards/return

New England- Dion Lewis

  • Only postseason player with a kick returned for a touchdown
  • Postseason average 35.5 yards/return

Edge: New England


Thanks for reading and enjoy the Super Bowl!


Sources: ESPN Stats, Super Bowl Featured Image, Antonio Brown Stats

*All statistics are from the 2016-2017 season unless otherwise specified*