After winning an epic, historic World Series with the Chicago Cubs, Dexter Fowler signed with the Saint Louis Cardinals. He will be given 82 .5 million dollars over a span of 5 years or 16.5 million per year.

Here are both sides of the deal:

Good for the Cardinals

  1. Power- Fowler hit 13 home runs last year, showing his ability to contribute offensively
  2. Batting Average- Dexter maintained a .276 batting average last year, an asset to a Cardinals team that had 6 out their consistent 8 starting players less than that margin
  3. Speed- Fowler stole 13 bases last year, 6 more than anyone on Saint Louis
  4. Consistency- Since 2009, Fowler has had a batting average .250 0r above, at least 20 hits, 100 hits and 115 games played
  5. Rivalry- Fowler’s presence could be the defining edge the Cardinals are looking for to surpass their growing enemy in Chicago

Good for the Cubs

  1. Cap Space- It is never good to lose a player, never mind an athlete of Fowler’s capabilities, but the Cubs not resigning him gives the team the ability to possibly make another deal or have money to spend during the year
  2. Youth- When any player leaves, it gives an opportunity to younger players to prove themselves. The Cubs could possibly find a gem in their farm system
  3. The Deal- So many things could be wrong with the deal. The Cardinals may have vastly overpaid or perhaps Fowler is not the player that he was supposed to be

Only time can tell….

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