Since 1839, baseball has drastically changed from the spotlight of American sports to a league overshadowed by the likes of football, hockey and basketball. Here are 5 reasons why baseball is on the decline:

1. Cost- Baseball has turned into an extremely expensive affair. Going to a game with food and drink in Boston totals approximately $400. For a number of people, a baseball game may be weeks of pay that could be spent in other areas. Additionally, parking can range between 20-40 dollars in big, populated areas. At some point, the price needs to be worth the game.


2. Competition- The sport is predominately controlled by the teams with seemingly endless amounts of money including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. These franchises are able to pay extraordinary amounts to “big name” players and therefore become stronger than the rest of the league. As a result, games against weaker opponents turn just plain boring.

3. Time- Baseball has morphed into a whole day affair. The average ball game in 2010 was 2 hours and 55 minutes. In 2014 that time increased by another 13 minutes. The long game creates an monotonous environment with little excitement. A solution to this growing issue includes monitoring time between pitches or disallowing batters to step out of their box.


4. Conditions- Baseball is played mostly in summer where the game conditions are brutal. The temperature ranges from 80-100 degrees and even beyond. Also, rain is common causing delays and even games being postponed. Although it is impossible to control the weather, being cognizant of surroundings is the key to a well flowing game.

5. Action and Energy- Lastly, baseball is not a fast, action sport in comparison to hockey or football. The ball players tend to not show much emotion and it is rare to see determination in the players’ minds. This causes a long, drooling season of 162 games, the longest by any organized sport. Keeping the fans intrigued is a priority to keep baseball alive and the amount of energy starts with the players.


Baseball is a large part of the American culture and sports world. If the game is not preserved in the correct way, the sport will decline and become extinct. Baseball is an amazing game with so much to offer and with the joint effort by authoritative figures, players and fans, baseball will be made great again.

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