Kevin Durant, a small forward, joined the Golden State Warriors to create a fatal powerhouse and arguably a team that is stronger than the NBA has ever seen. Durant spent 8 seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who is now devastated by the departure of its heart and soul. The league saw the Warriors set an NBA record for most wins in a season before just falling short of their second straight championship title. All are wondering just how great the Californian team will be next year. Here is the breakdown of why Kevin Durant made the right or wrong decision and what it means for the league:

Right- Starting his NBA career in 2008, Durant has increased his performance throughout the years. Statistics show his field goal percentage growing from .476 to .505 and his points in a total season arising 158 points from his rookie year. Durant came off one of his best seasons and led the Thunder to a great postseason run before ironically falling to the Golden State Warriors. Also, the player tied his highest double-double ratio and averaged a career high 8.2 rebounds per game. Known to be a strong team, the Warriors are a great fit for Kevin, who can revolutionize a franchise and transform the league. Kevin Durant is an all-star caliber player who made a business decision to join Golden State and win his first ever NBA championship.

Wrong- With his decision, Kevin Durant has become public enemy number 1 to the majority of fans throughout the league. Additionally, the Golden State Warriors as well are no longer the feel-good, “Cinderella” team. Durant’s statistics have not been overwhelming either, with his 3point percentage, blocks, assists and steals being lower than they were a few seasons ago. Kevin’s average of 3.5 turn overs per game also tied a career high while his basketball ability with a different team remains unknown. Not to mention the fact the Warriors already boast talent including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. In life, a person’s name and reputation is the most important thing. This year the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship. LeBron James was the star, but together, his team and city won the title. Kevin Durant had the same opportunity to work along side Russell Westbrook and a solid Oklahoma City franchise, but instead preferred himself over the team. Lastly, Durant made his choice on July 4th. Today, Americans especially attempt to achieve the dream that “every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” With the choice of Durant, the NBA no longer represents a league with the American Dream, but rather a place where players are driven by greed, fame, and money.

Infomation Source- ESPN, Google