The Boston Red Sox delivered an 18 game win record in the month of May before only capturing 7 victories mid-way through June. Why the slump? Games in the past included large victories by 3, 5 even 7 runs. The Sox bats in the later stages have gone quiet including Dustin Pedroia just snapping a 14 at-bat streak in which he did not have a hit. Hanley Ramirez has also watched his batting average slowly decrease. To the downfall, pitching had also been a large factor, as besides Steven Wright and David Price, the arms has been lit up like a fire. Clay Buchholz, Roenis Elias and Eduardo Rodriguez all feature losing records of 3-7, 0-1 and 1-2 respectively. The Red Sox rolled an American League East lead into the month of June before being overtaken by the surging Baltimore Orioles. In comparison the Orioles have 12 wins thus far in the month of June and are winning consistently and by a large margin.

Although the Red Sox are not winning games, they still have the potential as represented in the earlier parts of the season. Xander Bogaerts currently holds the record for the best American League batting average. David Ortiz ranks in the top 5 in the RBI, HR and BA categories. Wright preserves the best ERA in the AL while also tying David Price for 4th in league wins. These statistics are stunning, though they represent individual efforts and do not display the work ethic of an entire team. Unlike various other sports, baseball requires a complete collaboration from every player to succeed. Right now, the Red Sox are not a well-oiled machine as players attempted to win by themselves while relying on others to produce runs or strong pitching outcomes. With the MLB deadline fast approaching, the Sox must be asking themselves for answers to these growing issues. Pitching is a priority, and possibly with the addition of an ace, the town and team from Boston will become reenergized. Unfortunately, the tough reality is without a stop to the losses in June, this season could take a negative turn. The Red Sox should go back to their previous winning ways, which they have the talent to do, and start anew to regain the spot at the top of the AL East and to play baseball this October.