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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is Genius

Fantasy football is a competition between fans in the same league who choose professional players in a draft format. The athletes then play each week in their normal games and fans are awarded points in correlation on how successful specific players are. This simple model of sports fantasy has become a sensation among American adults, teens and more!

Here are 5 reasons why fantasy has become incredibly successful:

  1. Fantasy football creates meaning to previously worthless football games. For example, a fan previously may have watched only a few popular games on the weekend, along with the primetime Thursday and Monday games. Now, sports watchers are inclined to constantly track full games to see how their individual players are doing even if the game is between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns. From a marketing perspective, this is absolutely brilliant.

2. Fantasy can make a TON of money. The games are professionally betted on in Las Vegas, yielding insane profit if done correctly. That being said, the average player can make profit too by pooling together small money with friends and giving the winner $50-$100. However, even if no money is involved, the bragging rights from fantasy last a lifetime!

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Hockey and the Winter Olympics

It is hard to focus on hockey since other sports are more prominent at this time, but it is worth a look at the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February 2018. The headlines have been created by the National Hockey League, or NHL, restricting its players from playing in the Olympics. This yielded cries of complaint from fans and players against the league. This prompted me to dissect both sides of the story and determine which points each case made.

Let them play!

Athletes and fans claim that is it completely and brutally unfair to restrict players from being able to serve their country in an event that takes place once every four years. Players only get one or two chances to get this type of world attention and experience. The Olympics truly cannot compare to NHL games or even the Stanley Cup. The roughly seven game suspension for competing in the Olympics is a tall price to pay for many of the athletes who genuinely want to play in the worldwide event. The penalty applies not only to NHL players, but also athletes to athletes in the professional minor league teams. This diminishes the overall talent in the Olympics which is truly disappointing considering that hockey is a main highlight in the games. Luckily, several NHL players including Russian star Alex Ovechkin, openly came out to state that they would be willing to face the punishment to compete in the games; this exemplifies how the players greatly care about this event. Lastly, the league allowed players to compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics but are NOW putting the restriction on the athletes. The league is too late, unfair and just plain wrong.

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The Best Player on Each NFL Team

Believe it or not, preseason professional football is less than one week away. One week!

Now is a perfect time to discover the best player for each NFL team in the 2017 season:

Arizona Cardinals- David Johnson

Atlanta Falcons- Julio Jones

Baltimore Ravens- Justin Tucker (A kicker…sad)

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton

Chicago Bears- Jordan Howard

Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green

Cleveland Browns- Jabrill Peppers (He has not even played a game yet)

Dallas Cowboys- The Offensive Line (They are all too good to pick just one)

Denver Broncos- Von Miller

Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers

Houston Texans- JJ Watt (Easiest decision I had to make)

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Top 5 NFL Teams This Season

Amidst all the buzz regarding Kyrie Irving’s shocking request to leave Cleveland and the MLB trade deadline, the NFL season is soon approaching. After a relatively quite offseason for the players, the business starts back up in a few weeks with preseason football and then the opening kickoff game on September 7th.

Let’s dive into my top 5 teams for the 2017-2018 NFL Season:

  1. New England Patriots- Most often than not, any defending Super Bowl champion is a good bet to have success the next year, nevermind the Patriots. New England has a consistent model of success with coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. On top of that, offseason pickups Stephan Gilmore and Brandin Cooks are primed for great seasons on an excellent team. Sorry NFL, the Patriots are still the team to beat and this year is no different.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers- The combination of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell is just plain nasty. Add in the return of Martavis Bryant, and that is one superpower offense. The defense will be a bit of a question, but the overall team is primed to go far.
  3. Green Bay Packers- As with the Steelers, the offense will be stellar, especially with a healthy Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ “run the table” philosophy at the end of the season proves just how talented and strong the team will be again this year. With Clay Matthews in need for a comeback year, the defense should be good enough to give Green Bay a deep playoff run.
  4. Atlanta Falcons- Even though the season is new, the Super Bowl has to be some thought in the Falcons’ minds. A small decline is expected here, but Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will continue to build on their amazing chemistry and keep Atlanta both afloat and thriving. Aside from end of the Super Bowl, the Falcons defense demonstrates it has extreme talent and will become a great asset for the team.
  5. Dallas Cowboys- It is hard to put an exact choice for the number five team, but the Cowboys present the best growing potential and talent out of the remaining 28 teams. The success for the Cowboys this year will hinge on an Ezekiel Elliot possible suspension and Dak Prescott’s second season. If both of those scenarios go in the opposite way, Dallas could be headed for a “2016 Carolina Panthers” type collapse. However, until any more information is released, Dallas can be expected to be a contender, especially with their unreal offensive line.

Notable Mentions: Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders



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My 2017 MLB Playoff Projections

This is a perfect time to discuss the teams in Major League Baseball as no other professional sports are truly prominent at this time. Basketball, hockey and football are all in their respective off-seasons, leaving Wimbledon tennis and USA soccer as the only options for avid sports watchers to see. In other words, this is baseball’s time to shine. Aaron Judge just finished off a monster event in the Home run Derby, the trade deadline nears, and the races between teams are tightening for the playoffs. This brings me to the question all baseball fans should be asking; who will be on TV when the playoffs start in September?

Here are my postseason projected matchups in both the American and National Leagues:

American League

#1 Houston Astros vs #4 Texas Rangers- The Rangers are a bit of a bold choice down the stretch, though considering their consistent playoff pedigree and veteran talent, it would not be a huge surprise to see Texas win the wildcard game and face their divisional rival, the Astros. Speaking of the Astros, it is no shock that they are here with a bucket-full of talent ranging from George Springer and José Altuve to Carlos Correa and Dallas Keuchel.

#2 Boston Red Sox vs #3 Cleveland Indians- The continued emergence of the Indians has been a great sight to watch since last year. Their division of the Twins and Royals behind them in the standings will create meaning and a relatively difficult finish for Cleveland, but I do project the Indians to finish out on top. The Red Sox on the other hand slipped a little before the all-star break, though it is a massive mistake to bet against Boston receiving this #2 seed. With Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel, the pitching staff is looking solid moving forward into the latter stages of the season. Lastly, the Sox will be more than happy to get revenge on the Indians from last season’s drama.

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The Celtics Luck Out

General Manager Danny Ainge took his fans on a rollercoaster ride through the offseason, but gave Celtics’ fans a moment to breathe when forward Gordon Hayward chose Boston and signed to a 4 year, 128 million dollar contract.

Let’s discover 6 major impacts of the Hayward signing:

  1. The former Utah Jazz player finally gives Boston a desperately needed “Big 3” that the team was searching for last year. With the combined efforts of point guard Isaiah Thomas and center Al Horford, the Celtics can emerge as a strong contender to win the East and possibly make a deep championship run.
  2. Hayward leaves the West at a perfect time, giving both the conference that already includes the Rockets, Warriors and Thunder less of a threat from Utah. At the same Gordon Hayward is able to emerge as a star in the East and play for a team that legitimately has a shot to win.
  3. The Celtics new player fills a huge void in terms of on court play. Even after drafting Jayson Tatum to play small forward, the Celtics were still missing another forward until now. The team no longer has to rely on Kelly Olynyk, who is currently an unrestricted free agent; this opens up room to sign another player.
  4. The Butler bond returns with the reconnect between Hayward and Boston coach Brad Stevens. This motivation enticed Hayward to come to Boston with the hopes of finishing off what had been started in college and winning an NBA championship.
  5. The signing is an incredible “win” for Ainge and the Celtics, however the question now relies on cap and space. With the huge contract the team owes to Hayward, Boston will most likely give up some combination of Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart, in the form of trading, to clear salary cap room. All together, the Celtics made a positive move to receive Hayward, but did not necessarily logistically discover his contract situation quite yet.
  6. Rumors have been floating around about a possible signing between the Celtics and center Marc Gasol. If the Celtics are not done, the Gasol move would be a huge plus in the rebounding category. The current Celtics’ starters struggle in that category including Gordon Hayward. Just when the Celtics appeared to make one big move…it is impossible to know when Boston is finished.

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

This ongoing discussion regarding the profit of college sports and their players has reached no current progress, however a future decision will soon be made.

Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument:

Pay the College Athletes

Just because the athletes are younger, why should they not get reimbursed for doing the same job as that of an NFL or NBA player? The NCAA works their players, similar to a job, extremely difficultly while additionally expecting them to engage in school classes. By this, college sports should be similar to an internship; the student athlete should attend college and get paid for their outside work, sports. Many college players are willing to sacrifice their education for a chance to play in their respective professional league. If the athletes are paid in college, there will be less of an incentive to leave schooling in hopes of the big money.

Additionally, college athletes gain the same publicity and criticism as those in the professional league, exemplifying how the younger players should be given the same treatment of payment with those who are older. Also, college debt is a major issue in the country, and minimizing the money that students owe after college through athletics, may be a solution. Lastly, college is a profitable business which heavily relies on athletics for money. Although the student athletes can receive scholarships, they should be paid to be recognized for their hard work and money that they make for the colleges.

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Which Leagues are Fair in Sports?

Although surprises happen each year, certain leagues tend to either breed success of their teams or always have the same all-star superpowers.

Here are my rankings of the 4 major sports from the least fairness to most parity:

  1. Basketball by far has the most dramatic change between the elite and the rebuilding teams. For example, aside from the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, no team has any opportunity to get anywhere close to the NBA title. Instead, the majority of the teams have one, maybe two great players with the rest of their team being average. The Warriors and Cavs have an entire team of amazing players as they take the strongest athletes from the lower teams, pay them insane amounts of money, and then become “superteams”. When looking at the last few champions and LeBron James’ resume, it becomes evident how the same teams are in the title games every single year.
  2. Football maintains a drop off between the successful and weak, however the change is not as drastic as basketball. That being said, approximately only 5 teams each year have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl and building a legacy. The New England Patriots are truly the only exception, seemingly always discovering a way to win. Teams can rebuild in minimal years to contend for a championship.
  3. Hockey for the most part has new teams each year making it into the Stanley Cup finals, but the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks are the reason that hockey does not give each team the opportunity to win; they have discovered a method to win consistently. On the other hand the length of success from the Blackhawks and Penguins does not last long, maybe 2-3 years maximum, which gives the rest of the league the ability to make their own legacy.
  4. Baseball gives almost every team the chance to make a push for the World Series each year. This is because teams play a series during the year, which causes different clubs to split the games in the series giving each team wins. The Arizona Diamondbacks were absolutely brutal in the last few years, but now are 8-2 in their last 10 games, on a 5 game win streak and 2nd in the National League West standings this year. Additionally, the Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros are surprise division leaders. Lastly, the National League Central is shockingly terrible this year, with the defending World Series champions, Chicago Cubs, just an average team. This goes to show in baseball that winning changes in a quick moment and building a team with a strong, successful reputation is nearly impossible.

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10 Things about the Best MLB Team; the Houston Astros

Wait who? Yes, the Houston Astros are currently atop the MLB with a record of 39-16!

Here are 10 things you may not have known about this all-star caliber team:

  1. Houston is undefeated against the National League with a 5-0 record
  2. The Astros have a a winning percentage of .709! That is absolutely insane
  3. They are 12.5 games up on the next closest team in their American League West division
  4. Houston has a 9-1 record in the last 10 games showing the ability to destroy teams multiple times in the same series
  5. The Astros have not lost in extra innings so far this year
  6. They have a runs scored differential of +96
  7. The Astros have scored 299 runs this year which is tied for the most in the league and averages out to being at least 5 runs per game!
  8. Star pitcher Dallas Keuchel has a 9-0 record this year with a 1.67 ERA
  9. Jose Altuve has currently stolen 11 bases, with many more coming
  10. The Astros have lost only 6 games on the road this year

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